“I remember my mother teaching me how to dig a YURRAMA in the river-bed, and to clean it out by letting it fill up and then using a cup clean it until it becomes clear. The sand will filter it until you have good water to drink, the water would be clear and cold.”

Doreen James – AAC Chairperson

Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation (AAC) was formed in 2000 to promote the interests of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people in the Shire of Ashburton. From humble beginnings AAC has grown to be a responsive and forward-thinking organisation delivering wide ranging services to job seekers, indigenous communities and the broader Pilbara region. To assist AAC in achieving is mission, AAC have developed a range of enterprises and products where profits are used to create employment opportunities.

AAC is proud to present our latest product to the market, YURRAMA WATER:


For thousands of years Indigenous people have been collecting GOOD Water from harsh landscapes. In harsh conditions when rivers and streams have dried, or water has become stagnant and contaminated, Indigenous people would dig a YURRAMA in the riverbed or beside the water source. Digging through the sand to find fresh GOOD water, giving life to family, friends and animals. Water gives life to our plants and animals that in turn provides us with sources of food.

By purchasing YURRAMA Water you are not only purchasing GOOD Water you are supporting an organisation to provide a better life to those that need Employment and Training to be able to provide for their families.

YURRAMA Water is a 100% Owned Business of Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation, which has been providing Employment and Training opportunities to Pilbara communities since 2000. YURRAMA Water builds on the success of providing generic branded water to businesses since 2015, with all profits going into direct employment opportunities for Indigenous youth. With the opportunity to expand this business, by providing our own branded water to provide to greater opportunities for job seekers to find and be supported into employment.

Ordering Yurrama Water

YURRAMA water is currently available in two sizes 600ml and 1.5ml bottles.

To obtain a quote to purchase our products please contact us on:
Phone: 08 9303 4900
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